“This changed world requires practical dreamers who can, and will, put their dreams into action.”

– Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

The Practical Dream[Build]er is the documented journey of a rational, analytical, logical thinker who has dreamed about the future, but never executed due to a need and fear of not having ‘all the facts’ up front.

As progress is made and obstacles are encountered, I’ll be sharing with you the lessons I’ve learned as I continue to work toward identifying, planning, and executing on my dreams to help you, my fellow left-brained thinker, design a ‘life you love’.

Your Dream Are Waiting. Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take the first steps toward realizing your purpose and executing on it? Then explore the Practical Toolbox to learn more about where and how to start designing and building your future.

I’m Ready!

About Me

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Hi, I’m Amy

I’m a stubborn, type A over-thinker and planner who – at least in her adult life – has always placed practicality over ‘frivolous’ dreaming. I’m taking a big leap, sharing how an imperfect perfectionist with an analytical mind seeks to step out of her comfort zone in order to find and pursue my ‘why’.